Monday, January 24, 2011

Ellen Potter, please be my friend

I am doing a pretty amazing job with this book blog so far, yes?  You are amazed?  I thought so.

One thing about me and blogs is that I suck at staying on topic.  I intended for this blog to follow my thrilling adventures in teen literature, but lately even teen literature has been too much for my overtaxed brain.  So I'm reading middle grade fiction.  When I get down to easy readers I'll start to worry.

My latest and most fervent author crush is on Ellen Potter.  Even her website is fun.  I have long loved her (underappreciated) Olivia Kidney books, and I just finished The Kneebone Boy.  It's got everything a kid could want:  mystery, adventure, a mysterious castle with a kid-sized castle right next door (!), secret passages, royal children locked in tower rooms, exiled sultans--seriously, I  love this book and want to marry it. Look at the cover!  Judge it by that, and ye shall judge wisely.

(Not for nothing, but Ellen Potter is only three years older than I am, which makes me feel terrible about myself.  It is only when I read bad books that I think I could write one.  It's probably not good to feel more inspired by garbage.) 


  1. I was just about to say: Good job on this book blog. I am amazed.
    Also, I love the cover of this book. I need to read it now.

  2. Thanks Linda! Librarian Girl volunteered to be a guest blogger at some point. Wouldn't you like to also as well please ma'am?

  3. I would love to be a guest blogger. I'm in a middle grade frame of mind these days.

  4. oh my goodness, how excited am i that you have a book blog now? THIS EXCITED!

  5. Ha! Thanks Arajane. I love your book blog.