Monday, February 28, 2011

Slob, by Ellen Potter

Owen is really smart--just one IQ point away from "genius."  He's also the fattest kid in school.  He mostly tries to stick to a diet, but every day his mom puts two Oreos in his lunch. Those Oreos represent his one daily moment of joy, and when a bully begins stealing them, Owen begins plotting his revenge.

That's the kind of book you THINK this is going to be.  But it ends up being so, so much more.  Without being preachy, Slob is all about how truly mysterious people are, and how deceiving appearances can be.  Even your trusty, brainy narrator may be hiding a secret or two.

Pros:  Too many to list, but here is an example.  Owen's little sister, Jeremy, is a member of a club called GWAB.  You eventually learn that GWAB stands for Girls Who Are Boys, and that Jeremy's actual name is Caitlin.  But Owen doesn't explain all of this to you right away, because that's not how kids do.

Cons: I've got nothin'.  My love affair with Ellen Potter rages on.

Recommended for:  Fans of When You Reach Me and other great funny/sad J literature.  I would put this in the hands of just about any 5th or 6th grade boy.  Girls too, but especially boys.

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